Saturday, June 25, 2011

Holy Chironomids Batman!

As I mentioned in my previous post, with rivers blown out by the largest run-off in years it's all about stillwater right now and there are many excellent places to enjoy fishing from the float tube.  As much as I love wade fishing a river, I have to admit that float tube fishing is embarrassingly luxurious.  It's like fishing from a lazy boy recliner IF there is no wind.  With wind, or eve a steady breeze it's a pretty good workout. 

Float tube tip #1:  Always eat a banana for breakfast when you float tube - it will stave off any leg cramps later in the day.

The private stillwater lakes that I enjoy in the Red Feather area are beautiful and I fished Lake Erie.  I arrived at 7am just ahead of a substantial chironomid hatch which was in full swing from 9am - noon.  I think my family thinks it's a bit weird that I get as much thrill out of seeing an actual midge hatch from it's nymphal shuck as I do seeing trout rise for them.  But since I started actually trying to understand what's happening there my catch rate has gone way up.

Although the chironomids that I could see were all dark (charcoal with clear segmentation) the trout were keying on the red chironomid that was suspended 14" below the black one. 
I was rewarded with steady action until early afternoon and the highlight was catching 3 different species:  rainbow, brook and cutthroat.  The biggest fish was the cutt who was 18", the prettiest fish was a beautiful brookie and of course the best fighter was a nice 16" rainbow.

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