Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Christmas miracle - Winston BIIIx AND a Abel Super 5n reel !!!!!!

When I opened up my Christmas present from my sweetie, I was so overcome with emotion that the kids all had a laugh.  What would make a manly man in his mid-40's get misty eyed and choked up on Christmas morning?  Well, a dream-come-true of course.  In my case it was:

9 ft 5 weight Winston BIIIx and an Abel Super 5n reel with hand annodized rainbow trout graphic

I dreamed of owning something that amazing but when you're putting 2 kids through college and a 3rd one only 2 years behind, you leave it at just that - a dream.  But my sweetheart has ways of making my dreams come true and I'll never know how she knew about this one.  Speaking of dreams, it casts like one.  I'll write up a review in a separate post.

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  1. I would have pissed myself!! You got an amazing wife!!!! You go a new follower